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I’m sure that you would agree with me that working out and exercising can be frustrating when your lower belly fat and love handles refuse to budge.


This issue affects both men and women. Women may notice extra weight in your lower stomach or belly area where the excess fat tends to wrap around your hip area, resulting in unwanted “love handles.”


It is a little different for men. It is very common for men to have love handles and be known for the “DadBod.” The DadBod is a body shape where the rest of your body is in shape, but you have a larger belly from drinking beer or sneaking unhealthy meals in when no one is looking.


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If you were to ask me, I don’t find Dad Bods and love handles attractive and they are not healthy.  In fact, love handles can hold a serious health issue for those who have them.


“It is believed that 60 percent of adults carry extra weight around their midsection” – according to Kathleen Zelman, RD, WebMD’s Nutrition Director.


Keri Glassman, who is also a registered dietitian says: “weight around the midsection is more closely related to increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.” Avoiding fast foods and smoking can help with unwanted weight around your belly.


I realize that it is very difficult when trying to get rid of low belly fat. At times it can almost seem impossible!


But it’s not impossible…


In this article, I’ll show you how to get rid of love handles for men and how to lose belly fat fast for women by eating the right nutritious foods.


But before we get to how to lose love handles and the right foods on how to lower belly fat, it’s important to understand the different types of fat you and I have in our body.


Types Of Body Fat

love handles and belly fat

Once you realize that it is time to lose the love handles and get rid of side fat, it’s important to know you’re really trying to fight off two types of fat. So your next question might be, what are love handles?


One type of fat is called visceral fat. This type of fat is stored around your vital organs like your liver, intestines, and your pancreas.


The other type of fat is called subcutaneous fat, this is what leads to love handles and lower belly fat. This is the fat that lies directly beneath your skin. An easy way to remember this is subcutaneous fat is like fat on the surface. If you were to schedule liposuction surgery, this is the fat they remove.


If you are looking for that perfect beach bod, getting rid of love handles fast would be wanting to reduce your subcutaneous fat. This loss of fat would give you that nice lean stomach you see on every guy and girl on Instagram.




Most of us are fighting subcutaneous fat when we focus on losing weight in the stomach area.




Visceral fat is the bigger health concern. Losing visceral fat is something should not be overlooked. Visceral fat doesn’t just sit around and make us look bad. There are a lot of studies that actually have shown doctors that this visceral fat produces different types of hormones and inflammatory molecules.


It has recently been classified as an active endocrine organ. 


Diabetes UK points out that the following health conditions are associated with visceral fat:


  • Breast cancer
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease


I firmly believe that in order to get rid of lower belly fat and love handles, you have to aim to lose both types of fat, the fat surrounding your vital organs and that annoying fat around your belly that drives you insane.


I know you’re eager to learn how to lose visceral fat, body fat, and how to lose love handles fast, so let’s take a look at the foods that help burn fat.


Foods To Fight Lower Belly Fat

Some people don’t believe me when I tell them there really are foods you can begin eating to target your belly and the love handles around it. When you start eating the right foods and exercise correctly, you can start seeing the weight loss fall right off.


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eggs to get rid of fat


I talked about eggs in regards to calcium, but I didn’t touch on how eggs can help you lose side fat and get rid of love handles.


Due to egg’s high protein content and plethora of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats, eggs offer you energy, keep you feeling full for longer, and speed up your metabolism.


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All of these healthy benefits help you hold off the early morning cravings for coffee with added sugars and the sweet donuts and pastries you may be tempted to buy on your way to work. Try adding green tea or oolong tea and avoid the artificial sweeteners.



spinach to help lose weight


Spinach is a great food that helps alleviate any cravings you may be experiencing in between meals.


A professor at Sweden’s Lund University, Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson, discovered a key ingredient called thylakoid within spinach that allows you to digest foods slower and lose visceral fat. This helps you get rid of any hunger and discomfort between meals.


Professor Charolette looked at the effects of spinach extract on 15 people. The extract was given each morning and participants reported that it became easier to fight off those between-meal temptations as the study progressed.


With spinach, you’ll have less hunger pangs and cravings so you don’t fill up on other foods that cause tummy bloat and you can begin the belly fat combat series!


Here is a video from Charolette Erlanson-Albertsson on hunger that I thought I would share.


avocado to lose love handles


Like eggs, people often think avocados to being unhealthy. People tend to tell me, “I don’t eat avocados. They’re too high in fat.”


And I tell them, yes, avocados are most definitely high in fats. The types of fats that avocados are high in are the good kinds of fats; monounsaturated and polyunsaturated.


They also are filled with fiber and contain many different minerals and vitamins that are good for you. The fiber in avocados keeps your digestive system moving and also prevents constipation. Eating avocados in moderation can help you lose visceral fat and love handles according to Mayo Clinic.


On top of that, avocados help regulate blood sugar levels and spikes. As a result, avocados prevent your body from storing excess fat in places like your stomach and side belly fat we call love handles.


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Of course, you’ll want to eat avocados in moderation. I try to eat no more than half an avocado with my meals and as many as two full avocados per week. I usually cut one in the beginning of the week and add half to my smoothie on a Monday and the other half Thursday or Friday.


Try cooking with avocado oil or olive oil to help with weight loss too.


Whole Grains

weight loss quinoa


I think it is safe to say that a majority of people who I know are used to eating processed grains because that’s how we grew up. I am referring to the white breads, pasta, and pastries.


It should be obvious that eating a poor diet can lead to love handles and stubborn belly fat. Eating a ton of grains is probably one of the biggest causes to stubborn belly fat and love handles.




I’m here today to help you change this bad habit.


According to Diagnosis Diet, these types of grains “act like sugar in the body, triggering weight gain, inflammation and blood-sugar imbalances and causing risky spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels.”


When you head to the supermarket, aim to purchase whole grains instead.


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An article from the American Heart Association says that whole grains are filled with fiber and essential minerals. Whole grains leave you feeling full for longer, can help lower cholesterol levels, and protect against some cancers.


They are also filled with tons of nutrients:


foods to fight love handles


On top of that, whole grains can help:


  • Aid digestion
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Redistribute fat


That last bullet is my favorite – whole grains help redistribute fat so that it’s not left as side fat.



how to get rid of love handles blueberries


In a study from the Experimental Biology convention in New Orleans, scientists took a look at the effects of adding freeze-dried blueberry powder to lab rat’s diets. These particular rats were chosen due to the fact that their breed was more prone to being overweight.


After 90 days in the trial, the rats who ate the blueberry powder had less fat in the belly region, lower cholesterol levels, lower triglycerides, and improved glucose levels.


So why can blueberries combat belly fat and get rid of love handles?


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They’re full of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. I talked about blueberries in another article on free radicals that you also might be interested in. Free radicals are what cause aging and cancer.


Blueberries are about 80% water which makes them low in calories.  Blueberries are perfect if you are trying to start a keto diet as well.  Add them on top of your oatmeal, yogurt, or just eat them plain.



lose stubborn fat with oatmeal


Focusing on low glycemic indexed foods is important as I discussed in a previous article. With oatmeal being a whole grain it helps you digest foods slower. The fiber content helps keep your blood sugar levels stable and can help reduce unwanted belly fat.


How does oatmeal help you lose weight?


Beta-glucagon of course! According to an article in LiveStrong, beta-glucagon has the same effect as a sponge.


The beta-glucagon absorbs the water in your stomach like a sponge. This is why you are left feeling full and happy after eating a bowl of oats. For other happy mood enhancing foods, read here.


For many of us, maintaining proper cholesterol levels is important. In fact, millions of Americans suffer from high cholesterol which can lead to problems later on.


cholesterol body fat inforgraphic


In addition to helping you lose weight, oatmeal also helps lower cholesterol levels, reduces high blood pressure, and lowers your risk for type 2 diabetes.



almonds lose fat


Dark chocolate covered almonds are one of my favorite snacks to munch on.  I buy a package of dark chocolate, roasted, unsalted almonds from Costco all the time!


But why do I eat almonds everyday?


I personally notice a difference in my stomach area when I include more almonds in my diet. No, the scale doesn’t drop 10 pounds overnight, but the difference is enough for me to notice that my jeans fit more comfortably.


A study published on Peanut Institute found that “eating peanuts (nuts) daily reduced the risk of dying from heart disease by 29% and cancer by 11%, compared to those who never ate peanuts or nuts.”


Almonds can help you get rid of love handles get from the protein, fiber, and high amounts of vitamins and antioxidants found in them.



beans aid with weight loss and fat


By now you’ve probably figured out that foods high in fiber and protein are your best options to reduce lower belly fat and lose side fat. A list like this would be incomplete without mentioning beans.


I find that beans are often underestimated when we think about reducing stubborn belly fat.


However, beans, just like almonds, eggs, and oatmeal, are loaded with fiber and protein. Beans are also very low in calories yet have very many nutritious benefits that they provide for you.


My favorite way to include beans in my diet is to add them to salads or meatless tacos.  I talk a lot about how to cook beans in my FREE HEALTHY STARTER GUIDE. You can download it to the right of this post 🙂


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When I eat beans for lunch, I’m less likely to crave snacks before dinner time which can also help you get rid of love handles.


Lemon water

lemon water and side fat


Lemons are great to use as a weight loss booster to lower stomach fat and lose love handles for both men and women.


Lemon water literally jump starts your metabolism.


Try starting off your day with a fresh squeeze of just half a lemon in some warm water. Even if a seed falls in the glass, I still drink it. By drinking lemon water each morning, you will boost your metabolism, help get rid of lower belly fat, and energize your digestive system.


When I am felling more bloated then usual, I tend to also drink lemon water.


Green Tea

lose love handles green tea


Just because I placed Green tea last on this list, does not mean it should be forgotten about. I’m a huge fan of drinking green tea and making my own kombucha tea when I can to aid in weight loss.


When you drink green tea it increases your:


  • Metabolism
  • Energy expenditure
  • Fat oxidation


A consistent exercise program is the best way to get rid of love handles and lose side fat. The Military Diet is a good option to lose a large amount weight in a short amount of time. But don’t be fooled, proper nutrition and working out is the long-term goal.


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By combining a healthy breakfast with lemon water and green tea, you will begin to see that stubborn belly fat slowly melt away.


Avoid eating added sugars and start using stevia, or honey and cinnamon to sweeten things up. It will take a little bit of time to get the results you are looking for, but it’s not impossible to lose love handles for both men and women.


Plus, you already have three meal options from my healthy eating guide.


Comment in the section below with your favorite foods from the list!

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