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I know many of you are looking for weight loss meal plans like a low carb meal plan that is easy to follow. Some of you even had questions about a 30-day diet and The Military Diet results.


I receive a number of emails each day looking for a low carb meal plan or a low-carb high-fat diet (LCHF diet) plan too.


It can be frustrating when you have tried so many different gym memberships, weight loss meal plans, diet plans, and have listened to so many people tell you how to get rid of love handles and belly fat. It can be confusing, and if you don’t know how many carbs you need to eat, read my previous post.


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But does losing weight, and finding the right weight loss meal plans really need to be so difficult?


The answer is NO! Following a weight loss meal plan to lose weight shouldn’t be difficult. You can always start a detox tea diet, but there’s more to it. I’ll teach you in this article. If you suffer from GERD I would suggest you read my article to help you pick the right foods in the keto diet plan too.


That’s why I want to introduce you to the keto diet plan with a menu of items that you can eat. The ketogenic diet menu is a great plan to help you with your weight loss, beard growth, and even hair loss.




A low-carb high-fat diet like this one does sound contrary to most other diet plans. I’m here to assure you that it is not as complicated as it sounds.


In this post, I aim at sharing with you:


  • The science behind the ketogenic diet menu
  • A 30-day diet with a list of foods you can and cannot eat
  • An easy to follow 7-day ketogenic diet plan


What Is The Ketogenic Diet Plan?

Ketogenic Diet Plan


The ketogenic diet simply comprises of a low carb diet plan that alters your body’s metabolism and allows supplementary macronutrients like fats and proteins to be used as a source of energy instead.


lchf diet weight loss


The ketogenic diet is a 90-year-old diet that was first designed in 1924 by Dr. Russell Wilder, primarily to treat epilepsy in children.


Despite being proved as a highly effective method, this LCHF diet lost popularity owing to advances in medications to treat neurological disorders.


Interestingly enough…


Fitness enthusiasts and nutritionists are now advertising this ketogenic diet menu as a valuable method for losing weight and optimizing physical performance.


If you are the kind of person who wants a lean body by losing significant amount of weight in less than 10 days, this diet is definitely your solution.


Let’s get started!


Science Behind The Ketogenic Diet Plan



The ketogenic diet menu is a long-term diet compared to my previous post on The Military Diet. If you are looking to get rid of stomach bloating fast, you can read my previous article. And be sure to stay away from fast foods like McDonald’s when dieting.


The ketogenic diet plan consists of a low carb diet menu, moderate amounts of protein and high quantities of fat. It is usually referred to as a low carb high-fat diet, or LCHF diet as I mentioned earlier.


The ketogenic diet menu is similar to other low-carb diets, such as the Atkins diet.  In fact, I’ve noticed that most low-carb diets end up being similar to the ketogenic by mistake, or some form of a LCHF diet.


The Atkins diets, and other meal plans tend to have lower carbs and higher fat content as well. To properly eat healthy, you can try The Mayo Clinic Diet which can help get you back on track with your health.


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Unlike most low-carb diets that largely rely on foods that are extremely rich in protein, the ketogenic diet menu includes moderate amounts of protein and high quantities of fat instead, hence the LCHF diet.


By now you’re wondering, “how can eating fat help me lose weight?”


Following the ketogenic diet menu, signals your liver to produce molecules called ketones which initiate a shift in your metabolism, away from glucose and towards fat utilization.


The low carb high fat diet infographic below will help you understand this process a little better.


how does ketosis work?


This process is known as KETOSIS and the ketogenic diet menu is designed specifically to follow the ketosis process.


Most people think of ketosis as a dangerous and harmful process within their bodies.


Is ketosis bad for you?



What they fail to understand is that nutritional ketosis is perfectly safe.


Take a look at Dr. Berg explaining the process of nutritional ketosis to get more clarity on a LCHF ketosis diet.


In layman’s terms…


It is ketoacidosis, a secondary complication of diabetes which is an indicator of serious health problems.


In fact…


The presence of an optimal amount of ketones in your body is a positive indicator of an active breakdown of fat molecules via a process known as lipolysis.


Additionally, the level of ketones produced during ketoacidosis is more than double of that during ketosis and thus more dangerous than nutritional ketosis which is 100% natural.




Now that you have all the facts right…


It’s time to move on and look at the specifics of the ketogenic diet menu.


The Ketogenic Diet Menu


keto pyramid menu


This diet needs you to track your carbohydrates instead of keeping a close watch on your calorie count per meal.


It’s always important to stay active too and exercise on any diet. And you can add your favorite happy foods to your ketogenic diet menu too. Taking a multivitamin daily is always a good idea to follow as well.


The nutrition intake on a ketogenic diet plan works out to about:


  • 70-75% of calories from fat
  • 20-25% from protein
  • 5-10% from carbohydrate


keto diet plan chart graph


But, if this is too strict and you have trouble with absolutely no restriction on the number of calories you consume on a regular basis there is another option.




There is more than 1 variation of the ketogenic diet you can follow:


  • Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD):  A very low-carb, moderate protein and high-fat diet that contains 75% fat, 20% protein and only 5% carbs


  • Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD): A keto diet that involves periods of higher-carb re-feeds. For instance, 5 ketogenic days and 2 high-carb days in a week



  • High-protein Ketogenic Diet:  Similar to a standard ketogenic diet, but allows more protein. The diet contains about 60% fat, 35% protein and 5% carbs


Of the different keto diet plans, the standard and the high protein variations are the LCHF diet plans that contain more clinical studies and their health benefits compared to other weight loss diet plans.


A successful ketogenic diet plan is balancing all your macronutrients in the correct ratio, keeping in mind all the time that your carbohydrate consumption should strictly be limited to below 50 grams a day says,


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Consult your dietician to help you pick the variation of the keto diet plan that suits your body type and ends up giving you your desired results.


I did a quick search on Google for “keto Reddit” to see what other people are talking about with this diet.


I like to use Reddit for things like this because you get more of a “real world” outlook. It also helps you as my reader trust me and know that I am actually doing all of this research myself. Try it, search “keto Reddit” and read people’s stories, it’s great!


I found this…


keto reddit


This guy has followed the keto plan diet and saw these results. He mentioned he is a 29-year-old male at 5′ 9″ weighing 260 lbs. He said he lost the weight on the keto diet plan and some medicine, but the weight kept coming back.


keto reddit results


So let’s see why weight comes back after you stop certain diets like in this “keto Reddit” search.


For most people, it takes about one to two months to safely lose 10 pounds… not just a few days like the military diet.


Yes, it’s true to say that generally when you have more weight to lose, the easier and quicker it is to shed. However, quick weight loss often only works for the short term.


More than 65 percent of dieters regain the weight they lose. And 95% of diets fail long term.


military diets fail graph


When you exercise hard to achieve long-term results with a steady and healthy diet, you’re going to keep the weight off longer.  The weight loss won’t be just water weight either.


The ideal approach is to increase physical activity while modifying eating behavior to achieve a nutritionally balanced intake. This is important to remember.


The graph from this study below shows a lot of information…


First, the green line shows that fat was being lost while the black line shows energy intake was less than energy expenditure shown by the dark blue line – no surprise there.


Second, body weight was already starting to increase as energy intake approached energy expenditure – this is stored liver glycogen returning to normal levels as well as some protein retention by your body.


Third, while energy intake shown by the black line returned to pre-diet levels in month 9, is taking energy expenditure shown by the dark blue line a lot longer to return to the pre-diet levels.


weight loss graph


It will eventually by the time it gets to year four and five.




Until then ~ 96% of the extra energy intake is being converted to fat and stored away.


By the time we get to year five, body weight is higher than when the people in the study started to diet – you end up with more fat and still less muscle than when the diet was started (assuming little or only aerobic exercise).


Well, that didn’t go as planned now did it…


Now in this post, we are discussing a healthy ketogenic diet menu. This graph shows a long time frame so the concept is still the same.


A healthy rate of 1 or 2 pounds loss per week is rather considered ideal. This rate allows your metabolism to adapt slowly over time to the changes that are occurring, and it gives you the chance to learn how to create healthy eating and exercise habits that you are more likely to maintain.


Successful weight loss can be seen in the graph below. Fat and weight loss are both maintained.




When you look at the long-term changes required to maintain healthy weight loss it comes to ~200 kcal/day. This means maintaining a lower energy intake than before like the graph below.


the right way to lose weight


Lasting lifestyle change is key for this to work properly. Dropping 200 kcal/day of something that you eat daily, or a few things you eat daily, from your diet or increasing physical activity 200 kcal/day or some combination leads to quick weight loss and the weight stays off.


Change is possible and we are here to help you to plan it, see it, and be it!


To help you get started…


I have put together a section that will aid you in making food choices for your new keto diet plan. Also, be sure to check out my previous post on eating a healthy breakfast every morning. Eating breakfast is very important too.

List Of Keto Friendly Foods

keto diet food list


A ketogenic diet is not necessarily a no carb diet plan, but it is a low carb diet plan.  Any LCHF diet is difficult to abide by and takes some serious dedication and discipline.


It takes numerous trial meal plans and a lot of practice to make sure you restrict your calorie intake between tight margins of 20-50 grams per day.


This is particularly tough to maintain because there are so many food items available in your store that may look like they are low carb items, but in reality… they aren’t.


For instance…


Fruits are considered a healthy food item which are loaded with natural sugars and fiber content. Stay away from added sugars.


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This makes them analogous to high-carb foods which are strictly not allowed when following a keto diet plan.


The only fruits that are permissible on this diet are berries as they are extremely low in carbohydrates and naturally rich in vitamins and antioxidants that fight free radicals. Avocados are good too, but be sure to read up on the health benefits of avocados. Too much of anything is not a good thing.




As for spices…


I thought that they would not contain any carbs until I found a list of hidden carbs. Generally, you know that “sweet” sauces and syrups are high in carbs, but there are a few items which you probably use like dressings, seasonings, and flavorings that are higher in carbs than you might expect:


list of hidden carbs





Canned tomatoes are a big “No-No” as they contain notoriously infamous amounts of sugar and mess with your serving size and keto diet plan.


And under all circumstances, its best avoid alcoholic beverages, even wine, as they are extremely high in carbs and will toss all your dieting efforts right out the window!


Here’s a ketogenic food pyramid to help you get a better understanding of what kind of foods to include in the keto diet plan.




It’s really not that tough to go through with the ketogenic diet plan with an adequately long list of food items to choose from.


1) Fats and Oils


**The following information comes from Ellen Davis. Thank you for all of your hard work**


Fats and oils are a major part of a low-carb and high-fat diet. Thus… It becomes extremely crucial to choose the correct source of dietary fat, keeping your individual digestive tolerance in mind.


dairy products keto diet plan


While most people do not tolerate eating large amounts of vegetable oil, mayonnaise or olive oil; it is easier for you to digest saturated and mono-saturated fats instead.


Below is a list of fats and oils that are suitable to resort to while working on a ketogenic diet plan.


keto plan fats list


2) Proteins


Aside from the 70-75% fat allowance in a ketogenic diet menu, the next major macronutrient on your menu should be proteins (20-25%).


Meat, eggs, legumes, fish and other seafood are the primary sources of protein in the low-carb high-fat diet.


While meat and eggs are the best sources of protein, choosing from an organic and free range variety can minimize your chances of bacterial and steroid intakes.


keto diet protein


If you work out in the gym, do some research on protein supplements too.


3) Fresh Vegetables


Vegetables are by far the healthiest food item among all others and are invariably a part of all types of diets. Try to stick to vegetables that are grown closer to the ground level and leafy greens. These are great to help get rid of love handles. 


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If you can, search for organic varieties as they have fewer pesticide residues.


The best type of vegetable for a ketogenic diet is typically high in nutrients and low in carbohydrates. Most of these veggies, like kale, come under the dark and leafy vegetable category.




Anything that resembles spinach or kale falls under this category and would be the best thing to include into anything you can.


vegetables keto diet list


4) Dairy


Dairy products such as plain full-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, cream, sour cream, and cheese are preferred. Avoid products labeled “low-fat” since most of them are packaged with added sugars and starch that delay the onset of ketosis.


Also…Beware of dairy proteins (whey and casein) as they are insulinogenic (causing a spike in insulin levels) and can increase your total protein intake while you are on the keto diet.


dairy keto plan items


5) Nuts and Seeds


Nuts and seeds, like flaxseed, consumed in the roasted form are best suited for the keto diet plan because this allows them to get rid of extra anti-nutrients.


Some nuts are very high in calories and thus it is crucial to select the correct type of nuts and seeds while following this diet.


For example:


  • Peanuts are one form of nuts that should be avoided because they are actually legumes which are not highly permitted in the ketogenic diet food list.


  • Similarly, you should also limit the amounts of Brazil nuts in your diet as they contain high levels of selenium.


keto diet seeds list


6) Beverages


Considering that the human body is 2/3 water, it is crucial to keep yourself well hydrated at all times. The keto diet generates symptoms similar to the diuretic effect and thus experiencing dehydration is a common side effect of this diet.


In fact…if you have been prone to urinary tract infections in the past, you should be more precautious and stay well hydrated 24/7 to avoid such supplementary problems.


Hydrating yourself day and night is key when following a low carb high fat diet plan like the keto diet menu.


beverages for keto diet


Adding green tea and oolong tea each day is acceptable as well. If you’re looking to lose weight, a detox tea might be something that interests you, check out my post.


Make sure you use stevia (liquid preferred as the powdered usually has maltodextrin in it) and stay away from cinnamon and honey as a sweetener.



A ketogenic diet accompanied by a checklist is much easier to follow instead of going in blind.


Download The 7 Day Ketogenic Diet Menu Plan With Shopping List To Start Today — CLICK HERE


The keto diet checklist will help you stay on track and focused:


  • Download a carb counter on the app store
  • Go on a carb sweep
  • Re-stock your kitchen with all low-carb food items from the list
  • Avoid artificial sweetenerssugars, and alcohols as these are highly antiketogenic
  • Stay prepared to spend more time in the kitchen
  • Plan your meals before hand as last-minute temptations could disturb the balance of your diet
  • Stay hydrated


This keto diet comes with a lot of social and behavioral changes to your daily routine. This, in turn, can lead to drastic changes in your body weight and routines. Not everybody is capable of withstanding such drastic changes, so be sure to take it slow at first.


There’s no real danger involved in a ketogenic diet menu unless you have a previous record of health conditions. Be sure to remember that the first week of the diet may give you some minor side effects while your body adapts making you feel lethargic. Also, you can take any supplements like


Also, you can take any supplements like HCG drops while you are in keto diet. Since HCG diet is very similar to a keto diet.


Consulting a fitness and nutrition expert by joining our private experts, before taking up any such regimen is the safest ways to pursue nutrition and wellness alterations.


There’s no real danger involved in a ketogenic diet menu unless you have a previous record of health conditions. Be sure to remember that the first week of the diet may give you some minor side effects while your body adapts making you feel lethargic.




Just like any other diet, your ketogenic diet plan will only work if you are consistent and stick with it for the long-term.


I would love to hear your ketogenic diet menu options and your thoughts on the ketogenic diet overall. Share your comments in the section below!

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